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I AM Tara McGe

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Best-Selling Author

Tara McGee is passionate about her journey of purpose and ensuring her family and team feel valued. Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Tara is a 3rd generation entrepreneur who is passionate about helping business owners and individuals realize their organizational and employment potential.  

Tara is, also, a speaker and best-selling author who shares her life's experiences, including overcoming cancer.  Connect with Tara to enhance your leadership skills and to hear how she's helping others to move forward in triumph.

Video Playlist

While on her journey of purpose, Tara has co-authored 2 books and shared her experience with overcoming cancer. The videos below are excerpts of where Tara shares those experiences.

Prosperity is more than wealth.

Troubling Times - Stronger You.

Overcoming Cancer - God's Hand.

Podcast: Tara McGee - The Journey of An Overcomer



Speaking & Workshops
Leading Essential Team Members/Employees
You'll Learn

01. To identify and embrace your leadership qualities.

03. To create an inclusive work environment.

02. To enhance relationships with essential team members.

04. To accelerate team performance.

Want Tara to share her experiences and how she is able to move forward in her purpose, connect with her by clicking the button below.

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