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About Me

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Tara McGee is passionate about her journey of purpose and ensuring her family and team feel valued. Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Tara is a 3rd generation entrepreneur who is passionate about helping business owners and individuals realize their organizational and employment potential.  Tara is the President and Owner of Staff4U, Inc (, which partners with organizations to create a holistic workplace culture that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.


Tara holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Jackson State University and a Master of Business Administration from Virginia Wesleyan University. While completing her education and continuing on her entrepreneurial journey, she joined a women’s investment club and is sharing her why for financial planning. Most importantly, Tara is family oriented and truly humbled by her God-given talents.


Additionally, understanding Your Purpose & Value may lead you into a time of wilderness.  However, once, clearly understood there is a sense of freedom.  Life's experiences bring challenges and we sometimes seek our value in possessions or from other people. Our worth can only be found within us. While on her journey of purpose, Tara realized just that.

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